Abu Dhabi Police Aviation reviews its duties at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Abu Dhabi Police Aviation Department, in the Central Operations Sector, is participating in the Ministry of Interior’s platform at Expo 2020 Dubai, with the aim of informing the public and visitors of the department’s tasks and the latest equipment, means and mechanisms used by it to rescue and rescue people.

Major Doctor Ali Saif Al Dhahouri, aerospace medicine specialist and director of the Aviation Medicine Branch, said that visitors were introduced to the best practices followed by the Abu Dhabi Police Aviation Department, including ambulance and air rescue services.

He explained that the department’s tasks are divided into two types: the first is primary, which is specialized in saving people from the site of the event, and the second is secondary, which is concerned with transporting people between hospitals, stressing the keenness to follow the best health standards and conformity to health conditions in saving lives according to modern systems in anticipating the future by dealing with pandemics and infectious diseases. Through the development of isolation capsules for infectious diseases and the development of the mechanism for transporting critical cases to premature infants.