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A Korean man in his 20s who illegally filmed a women's bathroom in Singapore has been sentenced to prison.

It is known that Mr. A served as an interpreter for the Singapore Police Force (SPF) during the North Korea-US summit held in Singapore in 2018.

According to local media such as the Straits Times, a Singaporean daily on the 8th local time, on the 4th, a Singapore court sentenced a 28-year-old Singaporean permanent resident and military officer A to 22 weeks in prison for illegally filming women using the toilet.

Local courts and media have also released photos of Mr. A along with his name and age.

Mr. A bought a miniature camera (pinhole camera) on February 23rd and installed it secretly in the women's bathroom.

The local prosecutor said, "After hiding the camera from Mr. A, he turned on the recording function and exited the bathroom."

The camera was discovered by victim B, who used the bathroom.

B reported to the police after confirming that the memory card contained images of three women including herself using the bathroom and A operating the camera.

The local police, who started the investigation, found 178 pornographic videos downloaded from the Internet on Mr. A's personal laptop and 31 illegal videos secretly filmed under the skirts of women.

Person A admitted the crime, saying, "After finding a similar video on an obscene site, I started taking videos of women under their skirts in public places with a mobile phone camera in 2013. I did.

Domestic netizens who heard the news are outraged, calling it a 'disgrace to the country'.

Netizens reacted furiously, such as "Illegal filming while the whole world is crazy about K-contents, what a disgrace to what country this is", "K-hidden camera that spreads to the world", and "You made a proper disgrace to Koreans".

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