North Korean leader Kim Jong-un took part in an event called 'Self-defense-2021' yesterday (11th).

This is the first event called the 'Defense Development Exhibition' in North Korea, and from the published photos, North Korea's recently developed strategic weapons, such as ICBMs and SLBMs, were all exhibited.

As can be seen from what General Secretary Kim Jong-un described as "a nationwide demonstration of national power comparable to a large-scale military parade," it seems that he was trying to send a message to the outside world through the display of new weapons.

General Secretary Kim Jong-un delivered a commemorative speech at the event.

As it is a defense-related event, the main focus was on the necessity of strengthening the national defense force and that it would strive to increase its military power in the future.

Contents related to South Korea and the United States, which are military confrontations, are also included, but let's look at them in turn.

'Do not argue with North Korea's military action'

First, it is about South Korea.

General Secretary Kim criticized South Korea's military build-up. He pointed out the introduction of stealth fighters, high-altitude unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, and various advanced weapons, and criticized the improvements in missile capabilities and score ship capabilities after the missile range restrictions were lifted.

General Secretary Kim accused the South of “taking the lead” in speaking out against North Korea, referring to the North Korean weapons test as an armed provocation or a threat, saying that “the cause of armament modernization and a hypocritical and intense double attitude” are more dangerous than South Korea’s augmentation of force. I did. General Secretary Kim said that South Korea's attitude is a concentrated expression of anti-North Korean hostility, expressing great regret for the South's attitude and saying, "If we continue to undermine our (North Korea's) right to self-defense, we will never tolerate it, and we will face it with strong action. will," he claimed. It is a warning that North Korea may threaten South Korea if it takes action against military action.

On the other hand, General Secretary Kim also sent a conciliatory message to South Korea.

"As long as South Korea (South Korea) doesn't take our (North Korea) risk, and it doesn't even touch our (North Korea) exercise of sovereignty, I can assure you, there will never be any tension on the Korean Peninsula (Korean peninsula)," he said.

He also said, "We (North Korea) are not strengthening our national defense capabilities against South Korea (South Korea)," he said.

"South Korea (South Korea) is not a target for our (North Korea) armed forces to deal with," he said, stating that North Korea's opponent is the United States, and South Korea cannot.

General Secretary Kim said, "The war deterrence that we (North Korea) say and the deterrence force that South Korea (South Korea) speaks are different concepts in terms of vocabulary, meaning, and essence." It is a deceptive claim that the augmentation is intended to be hostile to North Korea.

He also said, "Our (North Korea) main enemy is the war itself, not South Korea (South Korea) or any particular country or force in the United States." I see it.

Anyway, the message of General Secretary Kim Jong-un in the above remark is as follows.

'Do not argue with North Korea's military actions. If you continue to argue, we will not tolerate it and will threaten you with actions. However, if we keep quiet about North Korea's military actions, inter-Korean relations will improve.'

Negative perceptions of the US...

open up a conversation

He continued to show negative perceptions about the United States.

“The United States has recently been sending frequent signals that it is not hostile to our country (North Korea), but there is no behavioral basis to believe that it is not hostile,” he said. producing,” he claimed.

“The political instability in the Korean Peninsula (Korean peninsula) cannot be easily resolved because of the origin of the United States,” he said, insisting on the legitimacy of increasing military power.

North Korea's display of strategic weapons against the US, such as ICBMs and SLBMs, at this 'Defense Development Exhibition' shows that it is steadily preparing for a confrontation with the US.

However, it can be said that North Korea's main enemy is not a specific country called the United States, but 'war itself', leaving room for dialogue with the United States.

Perhaps in a lull that will last until early next year, the possibility of a North Korea-US dialogue with the Biden administration is open.

Opportunities and burdens for the Moon Jae-in government

Kim Jong-un's speech is in line with North Korea's recent statement of position.

If you want to improve inter-Korean relations, do not argue with North Korea's military action. At the end of his term, the Moon Jae-in administration, who is looking at the last opportunity for progress in inter-Korean relations, is throwing a burden with opportunity.

At the same time, attempts are being made to separate South Korea from the United States by pulling South Korea toward North Korea.

In this speech, General Secretary Kim raised the level of warning that he would not tolerate South Korea's 'anti-North Korea attitude'.

He also said that he would take action, but it remains to be seen how the South Korean government will respond to North Korea's military action that is likely to occur again in the near future. 

(Photo = Chosun Central News, Yonhap News)   

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