According to the municipality, Serneke Invest AB has looked at the conditions for developing housing and premises for events in the area.

The proposal that was approved today is an implementation and transfer agreement for the built-up part of the property "Motala Verkstad 1", which includes the locomotive workshop.

The company's plan is to start the renovation of Lokverkstaden immediately and to enable events until next summer.

But the company also wants to develop the area in an attempt to attract more companies to Motala with the help of the premises in the area.

Transferred for one krona

The area is transferred to Serneke for one krona.

The background is that several costly measures need to be undertaken and Serneke is responsible for them according to the transfer agreement.

Access takes place on 1 November.

On Monday afternoon, the decision was made to accept the municipal board's proposal to transfer the property by the municipal council in Motala municipality.

In the clip, you can see when SVT in 2015 was involved when Lokverstaden was inventoried:

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Archive: An inventory is now being taken of Motala Lokverkstad