This month, American, British, and Japanese carriers have been training in groups in the South China Sea, putting pressure on China. Military tensions are rising as China has also launched a counter-attack by flying military planes.

This is Kim Tae-hoon, a reporter specializing in national defense.

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F/A-18 takes off from the US carrier Ronald Reagan, and the F-35B spurs up the deck from the British carrier Queen Elizabeth.

Japanese helicopter carrier Ise is followed by American carrier Carl Vinson, while U.S.-Spirit hybrid carrier aircraft fly shoulder-to-shoulder.

On the 2nd and 3rd, four carriers, including three American and British carriers and one Japanese helicopter carrier, gathered in the South China Sea between China and the Philippines.

Here, 17 naval vessels from six countries, including Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand, gathered.

The U.S. Department of Defense announced that it had conducted a freedom of navigation operation, but it appears to be a multinational armed protest oppressing China.

The Japanese carrier Izumo, which has modified a helicopter carrier so that it can be loaded with fighters, conducted the first F-35B takeoff and landing verification on the 3rd.

Japan, which has no fighters taking off and landing from its carrier, borrowed the US Marine Corps F-35B and successfully verified it.

[Shin Jong-woo / Senior Analyst, Korea Defense Security Forum: Multinational aircraft carrier forces are gathering to press China, and Japan is in a hurry to deploy stealth fighters from Japanese light carriers, suppressing China's forces in the South China Sea and East China Sea.]

China also responded harshly.

For four days starting from the 1st, 149 military aircraft, including fighters, bombers and patrol aircraft, entered Taiwan's air defense identification zone without permission.

China's state-run Global Times has even denounced Taiwan as war is real.

Military tensions in the waters surrounding China are rapidly escalating due to the movement of US, British, and Japanese carriers and the confrontation between Chinese forces.

(Video editing: Jinhwa Choi)