, October 10th. On October 8, local time, Michael Hilzik, a well-known American journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, published a column in the Los Angeles Times, asking when the Wall Street Journal will be available. Stop spreading the pseudo-scientific theory of the "laboratory leak theory" of the new crown virus, and no longer use it to discredit and attack China.

  Hilzik pointed out that recently, the "Wall Street Journal" public opinion section has become the center of the conspiracy theory spreading the "laboratory leak theory" of the new crown virus.

  Hilzik further pointed out that the newspaper published an article on the traceability of the new crown virus by two so-called “quasi-experts” on October 5, which broke a new bottom line in spreading the conspiracy theory of the traceability of the new crown.

  He revealed that, in fact, the two authors of this article, Richard Mueller and Steven Quay, did not receive professional training in virology. The former was honorary physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Home, the latter is a drug maker researching breast cancer.

  Hilzik said that the two people claimed in the article that they found strong evidence supporting the "laboratory leak theory" in four studies. One of the papers they cited as the key research for their assertion was published in Authoritative "Cell" magazine.

However, Jesse Bloom, the corresponding author of the paper, said that the two men “wrongly described their research” and that related research “did not provide any meaningful clues to the origin of the new coronavirus”.

  In addition, Hilzik also pointed out that among the other studies mentioned in this article that support the "laboratory leak theory", one of them comes from the WHO-not actually a study, but a WHO working group A public report on field investigations in China at the beginning of the new crown pandemic, and this report has long been widely reported.

Another "evidence" is the data on influenza conditions in Wuhan in the second half of 2019. However, this data cannot explain any problems related to the origin of the new coronavirus.

In addition, they cited another paper published in March 2020, which is even more difficult to support their point of view, because this paper clearly stated: "We do not believe that any type of hypothesis based on laboratory origin is reasonable."

  Hilzik finally said that the public opinion section of the "Wall Street Journal" tried to use the "stick" of the new crown epidemic to "wield" the speech to wantonly discredit China.

This standard of work will only undermine the credibility of the newspaper.