• FdI, Meloni: "Michetti phrases on the unhappy Shoah, did well to clarify"


October 10, 2021 "Despite having firmly condemned all forms of racial discrimination, even in unsuspected times, and above all that represented by the Shoah, I realize that in that article I used with unforgivable lightness the terms that still feed historical prejudices today and ignoble clich├ęs towards the Jewish people ". This was stated by Enrico Michetti, the center-right candidate for mayor of Rome, in relation to an article he wrote in February 2020 on the Radio Radio website about the Shoah.

"For this I sincerely apologize - he continues - for having hurt the feelings of the Jewish Community, which, like all Italians, I appreciate and believe is a perfectly and proudly integrated part of the city of Rome, which has always been part of the whole country". 

The case

Regarding the words expressed in the past by the candidate for mayor of the center-right for Rome, while expressing "utmost respect" for the victims of the Holocaust, he wondered "why the same pity and the same consideration" was not addressed, for example, to the dead killed in sinkholes "or" in refugee camps ".

Then, in a broader speech, he ventured: "Perhaps because they did not own banks, perhaps because they did not belong to lobbies capable of deciding the fate of the planet ...".