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Information on finance and consumer trends: each month Capital carefully dissects the economy.

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Capital: an expert magazine on economics and finance

The economy shapes our everyday lives. Thanks to Capital magazine, it becomes easier to know and understand the workings of this world between industry, finance and consumption. Every month, Capital's journalists provide in-depth and varied content that offers a lot of information and keys to managing careers and savings. The pages of Capital are thus strewn with lengthy reports supported by clear and powerful infographics.

Capital conducts in-depth investigations on the major companies in our economy and their leaders while revealing, without pretense, their strategies. Practical advice, topics on the backstage of the economy and testimonials complete the content combining journalistic rigor and offbeat tone. Capital, these are also special issues that address the major economic concerns of individuals. Taxes, pensions, inheritances, investments: each issue combines surveys and advice to provide a complete answer to each topic.

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Since 1991, Capital has offered everyone a dive into economic news.

Thanks to its rigor and its unique approach, this monthly has established itself as much with experts as with individuals who wish to have all the information necessary to manage their assets and their careers.

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