• Draghi sees Macron: common commitment on vaccines and Africa

  • Gas, Putin: "European errors originated in the price crisis: hasty actions carried out"

  • Von der Leyen: "Gas prices skyrocket, EU examination of the entire energy structure"


06 October 2021 "The government goes ahead: the government's action cannot follow the electoral calendar".

Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at a press conference at the end of the EU summit in Slovenia, answering a question on the possible opening of a crisis after the attacks of Matteo Salvini. 

"Yesterday or the day before yesterday I said ask Salvini. Today he spoke and said that participation in the government is not in question: we will see you in the next few days", said Prime Minister Mario Draghi at a press conference.

The land registry reform "is not a patrimonial", says Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the aftermath of the go-ahead from the Council of Ministers to delegate the tax reform. "This government does not tax, do not touch Italian homes. I said it from the beginning: this government does not increase taxes", underlines the premier.

Energy, Draghi: consensus on joint purchases, soon to be proposed

"Energy was talked about very quickly: the president in Athens had raised the possibility that the Commission could acquire a role of common buyer as for vaccines, a concept very favorably received by all . Next week or the following the commission will present a proposal which will then have to be discussed in the EU council ". Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the end of the EU summit in Slovenia.

"The increase in energy prices that we are experiencing in Italy is everyone's problem, as usual the poorer they are, the more serious the problem is. Even among the Balkan countries there is great concern".

"Structural measures on bills are being maneuvered"

"Apart from the determination to continue the strategy of mitigating the social costs of these price increases keeping in mind the sustainability of the process, we need to think about structural measures, we are reflecting on this. it will take place within the budget law, there we will see the various possibilities ". Thus Prime Minister Mario Draghi at the end of the EU summit in Slovenia regarding the measures to contain the expensive bills linked to energy increases.

EU gas storage consortium? "It would be very positive"

Would it be in favor of a common European consortium to store gas reserves? "Of course, I think it is very positive not to be caught unprepared for energy peaks that not only have consequences on the economy but also on distribution, on inequality". says the premier.

 Draghi: "NATO appears less interested in Europe"

"The withdrawal from Afghanistan because of the way it was decided, communicated and executed and the change of intentions that involved the contract between Australia and France for the supply of some discarded nuclear submarines for American-made submarines - and here I mean not only the substance, but the way in which it was communicated - they are two very strong messages, which tell us that NATO seems less interested from a geopolitical point of view in Europe and in the areas of interest of Europe and has moved areas of interest to other parts of the world ". Prime Minister Mario Draghi said this at the end of the EU summit in Slovenia.

Draghi: there is no common defense without foreign policy

"If Europe does not have a common foreign policy it is very difficult for it to have a common defense. It can be reached within the EU or with alliances between various EU countries. long preferable, because we would keep a supranational scheme instead of a scheme of intergovernmental alliances. I asked the commission to prepare an analysis on this ", says Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

EU leaders, we will provide doses to get to the middle Union

"The EU will continue to firmly support the Western Balkans, particularly with regard to the supply of vaccines. The EU and its member states have provided 2.9 million doses of the vaccine through various channels to the Western Balkans, and more will arrive. . It will support the vaccination plans of all partners to help achieve vaccination rates similar to the EU average by the end of 2021 ". This is what we read in the final declaration of the EU-Western Balkans summit just concluded in Slovenia. 

Michel, a strategic region, moving forward with enlargement

The Western Balkans region "has strategic importance for the European Union and our desire is to move forward with the enlargement process". This was stated by the president of the European Council, Charles Michel, at the EU-Western Balkans summit in Slovenia. "The rule of law and the fight against corruption are fundamental for EU countries, as well as for the countries of the Western Balkans that want to make progress," he added. 

Von der Leyen, EU is incomplete, priority is to enlarge it

"The EU is not complete without the Western Balkans, so my Commission will do everything possible to proceed with enlargement" which must be "the goal to be achieved".

This was stated by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, at the EU-Western Balkans summit in Slovenia.

"I understand the frustration with the timing of the enlargement process", added the president, who also stressed the need to make progress "in the field of justice and freedom of the press".