The CCTV footage of an SUV that deliberately collided with a motorcycle with a two-member armed robbery is a hot topic.

According to foreign media such as the British Daily Mail on the 4th local time, a two-person robber on a motorcycle stopped two passersby and threatened them with guns on the streets of Camporimpo, São Paulo, Brazil around 2 pm on the 2nd.

At this moment, a white SUV appeared and chased the robbers.

The SUV, which was gaining speed, rushed towards the motorcycle the robbers were riding on.

The robbers noticed a car approaching and started the motorcycle quickly, but they could not avoid the collision and fell with the motorcycle.

The SUV quickly fled after hitting the robbers, and passers-by ran in the opposite direction to escape from the robbers.

After the accident, a 32-year-old man, the owner of the SUV, went to the police station and confessed to being hit by a motorcycle the robbers were riding on.

"The robbers tried to commit a crime against me before they threatened passersby," he said.

The robbers who collapsed at the time of the accident limped and got back on their motorcycles and fled.

According to local police, one suspect was arrested while being hospitalized for a broken leg, while the other has not been caught.

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(Photo = Daily Mail homepage capture)