Monthly songs for the duration of the exhibition

10 stars light up "Expo Nights"


A constellation of the most famous singers from the Gulf region and the Arab world will gather to showcase the finest colors of Emirati and Arab music and culture, in a new series of songs entitled “Sessions at Expo”, as part of the “Expo 2020 Dubai” activities, scheduled to start within 10 days.

Among the names that will revive sessions at the "Expo" are 10 singers: Saudi artist Aseel Abu Bakr, Moroccan artist Asmaa Al-Munawar, Bahraini artist, Muhammad Al-Bakri, Bahraini artist, Mashael, Yemeni artist Fouad.

Abdul Wahed, Saudi artist Dalia Mubarak, Kuwaiti artist Mutref Al-Mutarrif, Kuwaiti artist Alaa Al-Hindi, Iraqi star Majed Al-Muhandis, and Iraqi artist Aseel Hamim.

The six concerts, which are held once a month exclusively at Expo 2020 Dubai, take the form of vibrant Gulf Tarab sessions, introducing visitors to the world's largest cultural gathering to Arab traditions, Emirati hospitality, and the essence of the spirit of communication at Expo.

Nahla Al Muhairi, Director of the Emirati Content Department, "Expo 2020", said, "The heritage of the UAE is rich and rich in originality and history, and therefore our ancestors perpetuated this heritage by narrating it, through songs, poems, and folk and folklore reviews, to be passed on by generations through time, and this The tradition is shared by most of the Arab Gulf countries as well.

Through sessions at (Expo), we open to the world’s audience a window on the distinctive features of the Gulf culture, and we review a bouquet of the most prominent talents in the Arab region and the Gulf region.”

A dazzling lineup of over 30 well-known artists and musicians from across the region ensures that each session delivers one-of-a-kind experiences for audiences and artists alike.

The 18 players will focus on musical instruments including (oud, saxophone) and percussion instruments, accompanied by six accompanying singers and six folk dancers.

These two-hour performances will start on October 12, 2021, and take place from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm at the Jubilee Theater once a month throughout the international event.

The sessions will be organized under enhanced health and safety measures, in line with the latest guidelines from the UAE government.

• Gulf Tarab sessions introduce visitors to Arab traditions and Emirati hospitality.