A driver in the United States shared a terrifying experience in which a car sensor function recognizes a person while driving through an empty cemetery.


Click The third search term is 'Haunted car?'.

I'm driving a Tesla car and I'm passing near an empty cemetery, and suddenly a car sensor alerts me that there's a person on the right side of the road.

Then on the left, it detects that there are two people.

Tesla has a function that recognizes nearby pedestrians and alerts the driver, but no one was actually in front of the driver.

Even when a person on the screen is walking towards the vehicle and collides with the vehicle, the startled man screams, "Tesla sees a dead man" and "I have to get out of here."

The video of the creepy experience became a big topic on social media, and some are claiming that 'the tombstone is similar to a person's height, so it just caused a malfunction'.

Netizens responded, "There's no way a car crashing into a tombstone is a tombstone. It's scary.", "If this is real, it could be an exorcist-only vehicle."

(Screen source: TikTok sina.ata)