Two of democracy's foremost representatives in Mörbylånga municipality, the chairman of the municipal council Kjell Magnusson (C) and the municipal councilor Matilda Wärenfalk (S) see the matter a little differently. 

Matilda Wärenfalk is somewhat more positive in her thoughts about meetings at a distance and digital pandemic solutions than Kjell Magnusson seems to be. 

- Many may withdraw to get involved politically.

And then it can be positive that you can still participate from home or work and not have to move physically, says Matilda Wärenfalk (S).

Quick calls

She sees that the pandemic has brought with it things that you can carry with you in the future. 

- It is quick to call a short reconciliation meeting.

People can participate no matter where they are, says Matilda Wärenfalk. 

She believes that there are valuable conclusions and experiences for the future. 

- I neither believe nor want us to go back to exactly as it was before.

But we also need to meet - that is a big part of the political work, says Matilda Wärenfalk.

"Beats digital every day"

The chairman of the municipal council in Mörbylånga is somewhat more skeptical in his analysis, and believes that the physical meeting beats the digital every day of the week. 

- It takes some of the strength in the meetings not to be able to meet physically.

You lose a social dimension and there will not be the same dynamics in the work, says Kjell Magnusson (C), chairman of the municipal council. 

He also believes that people in politics can meet physically again, which is important for decision-making power. 

- This with personal chemistry is quite important.

And you do not get personal chemistry by looking at each other through a screen, says Kjell Magnusson.