Alexandre Chauveau 1:15 p.m., September 28, 2021

The Republicans met on Tuesday morning in a strategic committee to discuss the modalities of organizing the December 4 congress, at the end of which the 2022 presidential candidate must be known.

But the established retro-planning is still debated within the party.

The Republicans met this Tuesday morning in a strategic committee to discuss the modalities of organization of the December 4 congress, which must designate the right-wing candidate for 2022. Two dates have been set: October 13 to submit his candidacy and the 4 November to collect the 250 sponsorships of elected officials necessary to present themselves.

The date of December 4, too, is normally recorded ... but it is still debated internally.

Too late a date?

Indeed, many are those at LR who find that it is too far away and that the two months which will elapse between now and then will be so much time when the right will not be able to really campaign.

A false debate for Christian Jacob, the president of the Republicans.

"I recall that Nicolas Sarkozy received the support of the party on November 29, 2006, François Fillon on November 27, 2016, so we are, within 8 days, in the same dates", he explained at the microphone of Europe 1 .


Congress at LR: "It's the choice of withdrawal rather than openness"

Christian Jacob is also confident about the possibility that Xavier Bertrand, who has always said that he will not participate in any primary, announces his participation in the congress.

"He should do it this week", even advances the boss of the party, who does not however want to hear from Eric Zemmour as a potential candidate for the Republicans.

No Zemmour

“As he expresses himself, we share less and less things with him,” he explains.

"He has words that are becoming worrying so anyway there is no debate, we have always said it. It is as if you were asking me if a socialist could participate, we are not on the same line."

There should therefore only be 5 candidates on the right for a single chair.

The name of the winner will be known no later than December 4.