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dispute between the ruling and opposition parties, each with their own goals, is getting fiercer over the suspicion of Daejang-dong development. The Democratic Party accused the People's Power floor leader of pretending not to know that Rep. Kwak Sang-do's son received 5 billion won when he retired from Hwacheon Daeyu, and the People's Power said, "The special prosecutor should investigate both Rep. Kwak and Governor Lee Jae-myung." and got it right. Governor Lee Jae-myung filed a complaint against Rep. Kwak, and Kwak also expressed his will to respond.

By Kim Hyung-rae, staff reporter.


Kim Ki-hyeon, floor leader of the People's Power, answered, "It is true that there was a report before Chuseok," when asked if he knew in advance of 'Kwak Sang-do's son's severance pay of 5 billion won'.

[Kim Ki-hyeon/People's Power Floor Leader: (Rep. Kwak Sang-do) When I asked him what happened, the answer was the same as the media reported.] With

these words, the Democratic Party counterattacked, saying, "The body is the power of the people" with these words


started in earnest.

"It is shameless that the People's Power leadership focused on attacking Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung even though they knew about Kwak's son Don."

[Song Young-gil / Democratic Party Representative: I am curious about the face of the duality that attacks our party candidate Lee Jae-myung and shouts who is the Hwacheon Daeyu even after knowing this.]

Regarding the special prosecutor's request of the people's power, it is just a 'trick to waste time'. He made it clear that he refused.

The People's Power repeatedly pressured the Democratic Party, saying, "The person who refused the special prosecutor is the culprit."

Within the party, seven newly elected lawmakers targeted Kwak, who left the party, and called for his resignation, saying that he had lost his qualifications as public officials.

In the midst of this, Governor Lee Jae-myung's camp filed a complaint with the prosecution, saying, "Rep. Kwak Sang-do spread false information such as posting on SNS to the effect that Lee obtained unfair profits from the Daejang-dong business."

Rep. Kwak also predicted legal action, saying that the accusation by the governor was an acquittal.