Nishimura, the minister in charge of economic revitalization, met with professional baseball and J-League officials over measures against the new coronavirus, and conducted smooth tests and whether or not there were infected people in order to ease restrictions on vaccinated people. He showed his intention to make adjustments such as how to check.

The government plans to relax restrictions on people who have been vaccinated or who have been tested negative, such as using restaurants and moving across prefectures, in order to restore their daily lives.

Prior to this, the Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura met with professional baseball and J-League officials on the morning of the 27th, saying, "As of the 23rd of this month, about 56% of people have completed two vaccinations, and the middle of next month. If all goes well, it will be in the mid 60% range, which is about the same as in the current UK and France. By combining vaccination certification and negative test certification, we are trying to prevent the spread of infection and balance daily life. " Said.

Sonouede toward the limit of relaxation,

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business He showed his intention to coordinate with the side.

Minister Nishimura will exchange opinions with the people involved in the music event in the afternoon.

NPB Secretary-General Ihara "Experience of Technology Demonstration"

NPB = Atsushi Ihara, Executive Secretary of Nippon Professional Baseball, told reporters after the meeting, "If the operation takes a long time, it will take a long time to enter, causing inconvenience to customers and sometimes it will be in a dense state. I think it's quite difficult without the experience of technical demonstration. We will consider how to enter if you are physically unable to receive vaccination or if you have a family with children who can not receive vaccination yet. I think we will do it. "

On top of that, regarding the timing of the demonstration to ease the restrictions, "Since the game that was played in the rain may be organized near the end, that game, the climax series and the Japan Series ticket sales are in November, so that's it. I think we can do it if we have a solid plan by then. "

J-League Murai Chairman "If possible, demonstration will start from the 1st of next month"

After the meeting, J-League chairman Mitsuru Murai told reporters the idea of ​​"preparing a sheet with a plus alpha for those who have a vaccination certificate or a negative test certificate." For example, in a large stadium, We will prepare vaccination sheets for 10,000 people and make it 20,000 people in total, or maybe 1000 or 2000 people in small places. I want to decide by considering the situation, the position of the stadium, and the possibility of operation. " Said.

He added, "If possible, I would like to start from the 1st of next month," regarding the timing of the demonstration to ease the restrictions.

Regarding the cost, "The cost will increase both in terms of people and facilities, such as installing and checking the gate, but it is a cost for customers to come to the stadium with peace of mind, so we will bear it. It's a premise. "