China News Service, September 26. According to a report from the Russian Satellite Network on the 26th, "Russia 24" TV broadcasted the scene of Russian President Putin taking a vacation in Taiga in September.

Russian Defense Minister Shoigu accompanied the trip.

In the video, Putin fished with a fishing rod, walked in the mountains, and drifted along the river in a boat.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is fishing during his holiday.

Image source: Screenshot of Reuters report.

  According to reports, Putin spent the night in a tent during his vacation.

Shoigu commented to Putin sitting in the tent, "Not bad."

Putin jokingly replied that if you work harder, it will be better, and laughed with Shoigu.

  Shoygu noticed the fireplace pattern (fake fireplace) painted in Putin's tent.

Putin invited Shoigu into the tent and joked, “This is a fireplace. By the way, it’s heating up, don’t laugh. Look, it’s warm.” The minister also joked, “Sit by the fire, good idea. Comfortable. ."

  Putin was also impressed by the red deer during the vacation, and joked that if they participate in the Olympic Games, no one can match.

Putin said, "I have never seen such a big red deer. Almost knocked over us, so fast." He added, "If they participate in the Olympics, no one can compare."