Today (26th) starts with news related to Hwacheon Daeyu. It is a company that is suspected of preferential treatment in the development project in Daejang-dong, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. It was newly revealed that the son of Kwak Sang-do, a member of the People's Power, who worked for this company, received 5 billion won in retirement pay, etc. Son Kwak said that his father introduced the company, but that he was "a carefully designed horse in a game."

First news, this is reporter Lee Hyun-young.


Mo Kwak, the son of Rep. Kwak Sang-do, who joined the wealth management company Hwacheon Daeyu in June 2015 and then retired in March and worked for 5 years and 9 months.

It was confirmed that Hwacheon Daeyu paid 5 billion won in the name of severance pay, performance pay, and consolation money to Mr.

A key official from Hwacheon Daeyu told SBS, "After the son of Congressman Kwak suffered from severe otolithiasis after suffering from hard work, he was unable to lead a normal social life."

He insisted that there was no problem because the decision was made after a meeting of the company's executives and the board of directors.

Rep. Kwak Sang-do said in a phone call with SBS, "When my son entered Hwacheon Daeyu, the business structure was all set."

Son Kwak posted on his father's SNS, "After withholding tax on April 30, I received 2.8 billion won into my account."He wrote, "I'm just a word in a carefully designed 'squid game'."

It was also said that "the money earned by hard work, recognition, and personal injury."

Kwak acknowledged that his father, Rep. Kwak, had been introduced to Rep. Kwak, saying, "'Mom Kim is in a real estate development business, and he's looking for people, so if you have an idea, check it out.'" .

Rep. Kwak served as senior civil affairs officer in the Park Geun-hye government in 2013, and was the chairman of the Korea Legal Aid Corporation when his son joined the company, and was a re-elected member of the National Assembly in April when his son received severance pay.

(Video coverage: Park Jin-ho, video editing: Won-hee Won)