ZDF-Prognose zur Bundestagswahl (Stand 18:00 Uhr): CDU / CSU: 24.0%, SPD: 26.0%, AfD: 10.0%, FDP: 12.0%, Linke: 5.0%, GrĂ¼ne: 14.5%, Andere: 8.5% # btw21

- ZDF (@ZDF) September 26, 2021

According to TASS, the ARD exit poll data show that social democrats and conservatives receive an equal number of votes - 25% each.

In total, six political associations are joining the Bundestag of the new convocation.

Among them are the SPD, CDU / CSU, Greens, Free Democratic Party, Alternative for Germany and the Left Party.

At 19:00 Moscow time, voting in the elections to the Bundestag ended in Germany, and the counting of votes began.