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House of Representatives is done with loan system

The House of Representatives wants to abolish the loan system as soon as possible and replace it with the basic grant.

The outgoing cabinet has already prepared plans for this, but it is up to a new cabinet to arrange this.

It is still unclear exactly what changes will be made and whether students will be compensated.

Reader Henk_de_Vries_ksj thinks that the wrong picture of any compensation is being painted.

"As if everyone had suddenly been forced to build up a student loan since the loan system. Almost everyone also borrowed for the loan system. Yes, part was a gift, but for most people the vast majority were not. still with a debt of up to 60,000 euros."

"Are we going to compensate everyone who was in the loan system and not the people before that? And what about the people who have not built up student debt, but who have worked hard not to have to do so? They are therefore punished for their good behavior , because they don't get compensated for everything they had to leave behind during their student days."

Also 7 billion euros is not enough for the climate

According to outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the extra climate spending of almost 7 billion euros for next year is a "next necessary step", but it is far from enough.

According to many readers, the solution to the climate problem lies in limiting population growth, but reader Sebasti questions this.

"Nobody denies that population size is a factor in total emissions, but it's not the elephant in the room: consumption behavior is the underlying problem. Because which correlates more strongly with emissions: population size or wealth?"

"And if the problem is that part of the world's population wants to reach our level of prosperity, then it is a consumption problem? The problem is that prosperity and consumption are linked to emissions, which is exactly what climate experts and economists want to solve."

"The amount of people is not the problem. If everyone had the emissions of the richest 1 percent, we would also have a big problem with only 1 billion or even only 100 million people."

Resignation for Keizer

Outgoing State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs) was fired by the outgoing cabinet on Saturday because of her statements about the corona pass.

Keijzer said in an interview in

De Telegraaf

that she finds it "increasingly difficult to explain" that people with the pass must show that they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested in order to gain access to a cafe or restaurant.

Opinions on NUj are strongly divided on this.

KingPacal strongly disagrees with Keijzer's dismissal:

"I am not against corona measures, but firing someone immediately after expressing criticism smacks of dictatorial behavior and can only be interpreted as a sign of weakness."

Reader Information Source explains why this is the right decision in a democracy:

"Suppose the cabinet had said that everything was allowed to open and Mona had said that everything had to be closed, she would also have flown out. The principle of homogeneity is an important part of our rule of law."

"I see a lot of reactions from people who think that she is being silenced. However, that is absolutely not the case here. She was able to express her opinion when the decision was made. Then you talk with one mouth. Why? Well, suppose Imagine that every cabinet member explains the policy differently. Then citizens no longer know where they stand. This resignation is therefore an important step for our democracy."

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