People's Strength Rep. Kwak Sang-do said, "Governor Lee Jae-myung created a business structure that can make money," said Hwacheon Daeyu, who is suspected of preferential treatment for the Daejang-dong development project, that his son received 5 billion won in the name of severance pay.

In a phone call with SBS, Rep. Kwak said in relation to the report that his 32-year-old son Kwak, who had worked for 5 years at Hwacheon Daeyu, received a bonus of 5 billion won, saying, "It was money received in the name of severance pay and bonuses."

Rep. Kwak pointed out that the amount of severance pay differs greatly from the amount of severance pay at regular companies, saying, "Unlike regular companies where you can work for several decades, Hwacheon Daeyu is a company that divides and disbands itself after earning money from business. " asserted.

He also asked, "My son entered after the business structure was all set up and a business operator was selected."

Regarding the allegations that his son or himself invested in Hwacheon Daeyu and received money, he refuted, "Absolutely not."

He continued, "The person I was close with at Hwacheon Daewoo started a real estate business and was looking for an employee, so he asked my son to apply," he said.

Rep. Kwak is known to have been close friends with Hwacheon Daewoo CEO Lee Seong-moon, major shareholder Kim Man-bae, and Sungkyunkwan University alumni.

Rep. Kwak said, "I signed without hesitation of the party's argument that a special prosecution should be conducted on Hwacheon Daeyu. Through the special prosecutor, Seongnam City should investigate how Hwacheon Daeyu created a structure to make money and gave permission." .  

(Photo = Yonhap News)