Although everyone from the age of thirteen must have a corona ticket with them from Saturday for a visit to a catering business, (sports) event or an art and culture institution, this is not strictly checked from the start.

This emerges from a tour of a number of catering companies in Rotterdam, The Hague, Arnhem and Roermond, among others.

In two large catering establishments in the center of Rotterdam, all visitors had to show their corona admission ticket on Saturday morning, but an operator of a business a little further away said that he only scans the CoronaCheck app if the guests request it.

In another tent in the center of Rotterdam, an employee occasionally walked past the tables to check.

"We are too small to have someone at the door all the time," the manager explained.

In The Hague, most catering visitors sat on a terrace on Saturday afternoon because of the beautiful weather.

A woman at a table in the sun did not have the idea that the CoronaCheck app is checked for the guests who go inside to the toilet.

A waiter on a terrace on the Plein said that the business where he works does indeed not have checks for toilet visitors, but for guests who sit inside.

"Two tables inside are occupied and the people sitting at them showed their QR code without any problems," said the catering employee.

The operator of a coffee shop said that she does check the app.

She called the controls "important".

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Little control in Roermond too

In Roermond, many catering businesses did not seem to make too much work of checking corona tickets.

In many restaurants on Munsterplein and Roerkade, visitors did not have to have their QR code scanned.

In a theater hotel in the city of Limburg, there was a check for visiting the brasserie, but not for the toilet visit.

In the center of Arnhem, many catering establishments outside on the terrace indicated that a corona ticket is required to enter.

A number of randomly selected restaurants and cafes did indeed ask for proof at the entrance.

According to a cafe owner in the square where the market was held, it annoyed some people that they had to show a ticket, but overall the check went smoothly.

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