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Author of a faultless accounting with three successes in three matches, the Toulouse Stadium, already the only leader of the Top 14, remains hungry for the game and wants to show more "panache" Sunday against Clermont during the 4th day .

His team had just planted six tries against Toulon (41-10), in an Ernest-Wallon stadium all to his joy to find his champions of France and Europe, when Clément Poitrenaud delivered a very cold first observation of the meet.

"Certainly, we score tests but zero passes. We are not that dominant (...) It's far from perfect", then judged the demanding coach of the Toulouse backs.

The victory brought back in pain from Montpellier (17-15) last weekend only reinforced this impression: Toulouse wins but can do better.

"There is a little too much waste at present, in all sectors," said defense coach Laurent Thuéry at a press conference on Friday.

"We could very well have lost in Montpellier, there would have been nothing to say."

Toulouse coach Ugo Mola before the Top 14 match in Montpellier, September 18, 2021 Sylvain THOMAS AFP / Archives

The stainless winger Maxime Médard evokes for his part a start of the championship "a little weird" which is not completely satisfied either the locker room: "We are frustrated because we have difficulty in linking the phases of play".

- While waiting for the "click" -

The reduced preparation (four weeks and only one friendly match) of Toulouse, who were entitled to a little holiday abatement at the end of an exceptionally long last season, would partly explain this lack of fluidity.

Toulouse rear Thomas Ramos on the Montpellier pitch, September 18, 2021 Sylvain THOMAS AFP / Archives

"This is only our seventh week since the resumption (of training). So obviously, all is not perfect, we expected it", assures Laurent Thuéry.

"We all hope to produce better rugby, with panache, so that the players have fun first and please everyone," he adds.

"It will come quickly I hope."

Maxime Médard attributes to him "a little fatigue and clumsiness" to the continuation of the ground work at the beginning of the championship, and recalls that the departure in the offseason of the "skills" trainer Alan-Basson Zondagh, "an important element staff ", has still not been compensated.

The return of the game à la Toulouse "will take the time it takes", relativizes the rear or winger of 34 years, who, while waiting for "a click", does not want "to spit in the soup".

Even without the collective flamboyances that have long been the hallmark, the Toulouse Stadium continues to stack up with success.

Unbeaten since May 15 in all competitions, the most successful club in France also knows how to "win ugly", with pragmatism and fighting spirit, as during the final stages of the European Cup and the championship last season.

Toulouse winger Lucas Tauzin scores a try on the field of Montpellier, September 18, 2021 Sylvain THOMAS AFP / Archives

"It's very good in the state of mind. We must keep it", greets Laurent Thuéry.

"We get drilled from time to time, but we have the ability to catch up on blows. The players hang on and don't want to give anything."

Best defense of the Top 14 after three days, Toulouse just has to let go completely in attack.

That's good: his shocks against Clermont often give rise to unbridled matches.

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