China News Service, Beijing, September 25. The 48th session of the UN Human Rights Council is being held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Ma Zhaoxu recently accepted an interview to introduce China's participation in the 48th session of the Human Rights Council.

  Ma Zhaoxu said that at this session of the Human Rights Council, we are guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy. The Chinese voice puts forward China's proposition and makes China's contribution.

  We comprehensively promote the concept of human rights in China, advocate people-centered development thinking, insist that a happy life of the people is the greatest human right, adhere to the universality of human rights and the specific reality, and regard the right to survival and development as the primary basic human rights, and systematically promote the whole The people’s economic, political, social, cultural, and environmental rights, and strive to maintain social fairness and justice, and promote the all-round development of people.

  We resolutely uphold international fairness and justice, speak up for developing countries, firmly uphold the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, oppose the use of human rights issues to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, and unite countries with similar views to make joint speeches on human rights issues in the United States and other Western countries, exposing their human rights issues. The stigma and the hypocritical nature of "false human rights, true hegemony" and "false democracy and true interference".

  We actively advocate human rights dialogue and cooperation, call on all parties to practice true multilateralism, promote the common values ​​of peace, development, fairness, justice, democracy, and freedom for all mankind, and have repeatedly represented the developing countries on the "importance of peace and security to human rights." "Adhere to the people-centered implementation of the right to development", "promoting equitable vaccine distribution" and other issues made joint speeches, expressing the aspirations of developing countries.

We hold thematic side events on key human rights issues such as industry and commerce and human rights, the protection of human rights in the epidemic, and poverty reduction to share best practices and promote exchanges and mutual learning.

  Ma Zhaoxu emphasized that the Human Rights Council is a platform for all parties to conduct constructive dialogue and cooperation on human rights issues. It should have upheld the principles of objectivity, fairness, non-selectivity, and non-politicization.

However, we have seen that some Western countries continue to engage in microphone diplomacy in the Human Rights Council, turning the Human Rights Council into a stage of political confrontation.

Based on false information and rumors and lies, they groundlessly accused and attacked China on Xinjiang-related and Hong Kong-related issues, and grossly interfered in China's internal affairs under the pretext of human rights.

In this regard, we are of course resolutely opposed to it and hit it head-on.

  It is still a lie to repeat a lie a thousand times. The international community has not and will not be deceived by the clichés of a few countries.

At this session of the Human Rights Council, nearly a hundred countries expressed their support for China’s position through joint speeches, individual speeches, and joint letters. They emphasized that Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Tibet are completely China’s internal affairs. No country should interfere or oppose borrowing. Human rights issues interfere with China's internal affairs.

These righteous voices are loud and powerful.

Facts have once again proved that justice is in the hearts of the people.

China's determination to safeguard national sovereignty, security, and development interests is unwavering. Any attempt to "control China with Xinjiang" and "anti-China chaos Hong Kong" will not succeed.

  Ma Zhaoxu said that people clearly see that the human rights records of these Western countries who call themselves "human rights judges" are not glorious. Not only do they have historically been badly marked by slave trade, colonialism, aggression and expansion, and genocide. There are human rights abuses such as ignorance of the rights to life and health during the epidemic, the practice of "vaccine nationalism", systemic racism and racial discrimination, large-scale violations of the rights of difficult immigrants and indigenous people, arbitrary implementation of unilateral coercive measures, and politicization of human rights issues. Row.

These Western countries have long regarded themselves as "teachers", arguing and arguing about the human rights situation in the vast number of developing countries. This old problem should be changed!

  Ma Zhaoxu finally emphasized that there is no best human rights protection, only better.

The process for the Chinese people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is also a process to realize social fairness and justice and to continuously promote the development and progress of the cause of human rights.

We will unswervingly follow the human rights development path that suits our own national conditions, actively participate in global human rights governance, and make unremitting efforts to promote the healthy development of international human rights.