Huawei case: the reactions of the Canadian press

Canadians carrying placards calling for the release of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in Vancouver.

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It is a three-year diplomatic-judicial saga that ended on Friday, September 24: the financial director of Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, was able to leave Canada where she was under house arrest, following an agreement made. with American justice.

China has freed two Canadians arrested and jailed for three years.

In Canada, this news has been welcomed, but the press this morning is very critical of “

this hostage diplomacy



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For the newspaper

Le Devoir

, the two released Canadian prisoners were "

political hostages


Although China has always denied any link between the arrest of Meng Wanzhou and that of the Canadians, which occurred a few days later.

The " 



", as they were called in Canada, were collateral victims of the arrest of the director of Huawei, believes

Le Devoir


Learn lessons from


Globe and Mail


recalls their conditions of detention: for three years in a small cell lit 24 hours a day, while Meng Wanzhou enjoyed parole in his luxury house in Vancouver.

Canada must "

 learn from this affair,

 " said

The Globe And Mail


After all, China has used the detention of Canadian citizens to intimidate the Ottawa government.

China is a " 


" country  

All is not well that ends well,

 " adds the newspaper

La Presse

in its editorial.


Canada found itself stuck in the geopolitical game of two global superpowers.

The problem is that Canada could not oppose the United States which had initially requested the extradition of the Chinese leader.

Because if we start to say no to the United States to bow to China, where do we stop?

 "Asks the newspaper which concludes:"

This episode should remind us of one thing, China is a dangerous country 



Huawei case: leader Meng Wanzhou released by Canadian justice

For its part, Beijing said Saturday, September 25 that the accusations against the leader of Huawei are " 

totally invented

", reports AFP and that it was " 

political persecution

 ", while the leader of the Chinese telecommunications giant returns in China after his extradition from Canada and a trial lasting several years.

The so-called fraud allegation against Meng Wangzhou is totally fabricated

 ," the Foreign Ministry spokesman said, quoted by state broadcaster CCTV.


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