Stickers on floors, white circles in parks and tables with crosses will be a thing of the past from Saturday.

The one and a half meter rule expires after a year and a half.

But there are also new rules, such as the mandatory corona pass for everyone older than thirteen years.

These are the most important changes at a glance.

No more keeping your distance

The rule was no longer observed so well and will be abolished from tomorrow: the one and a half meter rule.

The distance rule was introduced a year and a half ago and was the main norm of the 'new normal'.

The end of the one and a half meter rule is a big and symbolic step.

Keeping distance from each other is still an urgent advice.

Corona admission ticket required

From Saturday there will no longer be a need to keep a distance, but a corona ticket is mandatory in the catering industry, in the art and culture sector and at sports competitions.

The corona pass is therefore necessary at both the lunch tent around the corner and the football canteen.

The exception are transfer locations such as museums and libraries, and after political debate also the terraces.

The pass is proof of vaccination, recent recovery from COVID-19 or a negative corona test.

The pass is mandatory for everyone from the age of 13.


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(Multi-day) events allowed again

Events outside and festivals outside are allowed again.

This applies to both one-day and multi-day events.

A condition is that visitors show their corona pass every 24 hours.

There is no maximum for the number of visitors and there is no mandatory closing time as in the catering industry.

However, the catering industry must close at midnight during an event.

Indoor events without fixed seats - such as pop concerts - are also allowed again from tomorrow.

At most 75 percent of the hall capacity may be used and visitors must also show a corona ticket.

The unseated indoor events must close at midnight.

There is no maximum capacity for a concert with fixed seats.

The catering industry at an indoor event must also close at midnight, but the event with seats can continue as usual.

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Discos and nightclubs are allowed to open until midnight

Discos and nightclubs are also allowed to reopen, albeit until midnight.

The same will apply to these clubs as to the rest of the catering industry.

Closing time is midnight and a corona ticket is required.

The seat obligation for the catering industry lapses and there is no maximum number of visitors at the catering industry, discotheques and nightclubs.


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New 'milder' motto for working from home

"Work from home if you can and in the office if you have to", is the new motto of the work from home advice.

According to the caretaker cabinet, it is a slightly milder variant of the current credo: "Work at home, unless there is no other option."

Green light for full football stadiums

There is no longer any restriction on the number of supporters in a (football) stadium.

However, the corona pass is mandatory.

It means that the football stadiums can be full again.

PSV-Willem II on Saturday 25 September could be the first match in the Eredivisie with a sold out stadium in a year and a half.

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Mouth caps on the train, off at the station

The mouth cap obligation remains in force in public transport.

The mouth mask must be worn on the bus, train and plane.

The cap is also mandatory at the airport (at least after customs).

This will no longer be the case for the train and bus station from tomorrow.