For the first time .. “World Health” recommends providing drugs to prevent acute symptoms of “Corona”

A statistic showed that more than 230.53 million people were infected with the emerging coronavirus worldwide, while the total number of deaths resulting from the virus reached 4.931 million cases, and HIV infections have been recorded in more than 210 countries and regions since the first cases were discovered in China in December. 2019.

According to the Reuters news agency's statistics, the five largest countries affected by the epidemic are: the United States, with about 683,000 deaths and 42.7 million injuries, followed by India with 446 thousand deaths and 33.5 million injuries, then Brazil with 592.3 thousand deaths and 21.3 million injuries, followed by the United Kingdom with 135.8 deaths. One thousand and 7.6 million injuries, and Russia, whose deaths amounted to 410 thousand and injuries to 7.4 million.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended for the first time providing a combination of drugs to prevent acute symptoms of Covid-19 disease in patients at risk from the disease.

The World Health Organization referred to studies indicating that a combination of the drugs "cazerifimab" and "imdivimab", developed by the American company "Regeneron" in partnership with the Swiss company Roche, could improve patients' chances of survival.

WHO is now recommending kazerifimab and imdivimab to pre-existing COVID-19 patients who may have severe symptoms of COVID-19 and face treatment in intensive care units.

The World Health Organization published its new recommendations in the British Medical Journal.

The organization said in a statement that patients at higher risk of hospitalization and those who did not develop natural antibodies against Covid-19 are the two groups of patients who benefit most from drug treatment.

The organization urged manufacturers and governments to address the high price and limited production of the "Regeneron" antibody mixture, and indicated that negotiations were underway with "Roche" regarding lower prices, a potential donation and fair distribution around the world.

Two days after announcing the launch of a global study on three treatments to relieve the dangerous symptoms caused by infection with Covid-19, the World Health Organization yesterday gave the green light to add casirevimab and imdivimab to the arsenal of drugs that it recommends to use in treating people with the epidemic, but it urged the producing companies and the concerned governments to reduce the price. The exorbitant price of a combination of these two drugs produced by Regeneron, which is thousands of dollars. Yesterday, the International Organization urged the health authorities to ensure the safety of this combination of monoclonal antibiotics, due to the ease of exposure to damage that loses its effectiveness and poses a danger to those who take it.

UNITAID, which was established in 2006 and operates under the auspices of the international organization, is negotiating with the drug company "Roche", which is currently producing this drug at low prices and is working to distribute it to poor and middle-income countries, after asking it to donate quantities of it to be distributed through a fund. United Nations Children's Fund "UNICEF".

In addition, the World Health Organization appealed to pharmaceutical companies that wish to request approval to distribute their products in order to start submitting their requests with the aim of accelerating the production of these medicines and increasing the available quantities of them for distribution to needy countries.

The organization also called for the sharing of knowledge and technology to manufacture biosimilar medicines for the widest possible dissemination.

The organization cautioned that giving this combination of antibodies requires specialized clinics and health staff with a high degree of training to ensure that it is administered properly, as the currently available doses are given by injection into the veins in quantities determined very precisely. The organization's experts called for focusing on giving this combination of antibiotics to patients who are not in a dangerous condition, and those who are at a high degree of risk and have not generated natural antibodies from infection with the virus, because they are the candidates to benefit more than others as a result of this treatment. It is reported that former US President Donald Trump was treated with this drug when he contracted the virus at the beginning of the pandemic.

And from Washington, the US Centers for Communicable Diseases Control and Prevention reported that the advisory group charged with examining the issue of giving an additional dose of vaccines had unanimously agreed to give it to those over 65 years of age, who face a high risk of serious injury.

And the authority’s circles suggested that this step would pave the way for taking the final decision to distribute the third dose of the Pfizer vaccine in the coming hours, after the authority’s immunization committee had also unanimously agreed two days ago to give the additional dose to the elderly and adults who suffer from chronic diseases that increase the risk of infection. covid dangerous.

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