Outgoing State Secretary Mona Keijzer (Economic Affairs) announced on Saturday that she had reservations about the corona pass.

Her statements not only led to indignant members of the House of Representatives, but also to a discussion about her position within the CDA.

In an interview in

De Telegraaf,

Keijzer points

to the high vaccination rate and finds it "increasingly difficult to explain" that people must show through the pass that they have been vaccinated or tested in order to gain access to a cafe or restaurant.

"If you've ended up in a society where you have to be afraid of each other, unless you can show proof, then you really have to scratch your head and ask yourself: do we want to go this way?" politician.

The State Secretary will make the statements on the day that the corona ticket becomes mandatory to gain access to catering, events and other activities.

A negative test certificate can also serve as an admission ticket.

MPs ask for text and explanation

Both supporters and opponents of the corona admission ticket in the House of Representatives have asked for clarification.

D66 member Jan Paternotte finds Keijzer's statements "very strange", he says on Twitter.

PVV'er Geert Wilders is going to request an emergency debate on the issue.

According to him, Keijzer shows that the caretaker cabinet is divided about the corona pass.

Attje Kuiken of the PvdA thinks Keijer's statements are "a step after" for entrepreneurs who have to work with the corona pass on Saturday.

She wonders how companies can have confidence "if the government criticizes its own policy in the newspaper".

She wants to know from outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte whether the entire cabinet still supports the corona approach.

Lisa Westerveld (GroenLinks) also wants a debate on this.

"How can you expect people to follow the rules when the government itself is already sending conflicting messages?"

According to her, the cabinet should speak with one mouth.

Outgoing Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge (a party colleague of Keijzer), who is responsible for the introduction of the corona admission ticket, will not respond to the statements of the State Secretary, his spokesperson said.

Cabinet usually speaks with one mouth

Keijzer's statements are striking, because the cabinet speaks with one mouth.

A minister may be against a cabinet proposal, but must accept it if the Council of Ministers decides otherwise.

All ministers will then support the decision externally.

In the past, there has been more disagreement in the cabinet about corona measures to be introduced.

In particular, the consequences for the economy of the intended decisions led to serious differences of opinion.

This led to serious clashes in the Council of Ministers.

Keijzer has always championed the business community in these discussions, but has never publicly opposed decisions taken by the Council of Ministers.

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