On the 24th, young people played a central role in appealing for climate change countermeasures all over the world, calling on the government and companies to strengthen their countermeasures.

This activity was called for by the youth movement "Friday for the Future" launched by Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg and others.

According to the organizers, on Friday 24th, the event was held in about 1500 cities in 99 countries and regions around the world, the rally was held online in Japan, and a total of 620,000 people participated in the demonstration in Germany. It means that the activities were carried out according to the infection status of the new coronavirus in each region.

In the United Kingdom, where the UN conference on climate change countermeasures "COP26" will be held from the end of next month, more than 200 people gathered in front of the London parliament to march and strengthen measures such as suspending investment in fossil fuels. I asked.

Dominique Palmer, one of the organizers of the demonstration, said, "I came to emphasize the importance of supporting climate change-sensitive countries. The British government hosting COP26 made a concrete plan and decided to do so. That is the starting point for climate change countermeasures. "

With heat waves, droughts, floods, etc. being observed every year around the world, the demand for drastic climate change countermeasures from governments is increasing year by year, and it transcends countries, especially young people. Collaboration is expanding.

Greta also participated in the demonstration in Berlin, Germany

Approximately 50,000 people, including young people who took a break from school, gathered in front of the Capitol Building in central Berlin on the 24th, and together with Swedish 18-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg, "Climate justice now. We marched in the city, saying, "That's it!"

Participants put up messages such as "No to plastic" or "Let's heal the earth", and inside it was a unique sign saying "Climate is like beer. It's bad if it gets warm". Some people appealed.

Greta, who returned to the Federal Capitol after the march, said, "Unlike the pandemic of the new coronavirus, no state of emergency has ever been declared for the climate crisis. Is not enough, and it is far from achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement. "

He then told German voters, who are about to vote on the 26th, "Votes are needed, but that's not enough. We have to get out on the streets and ask leaders for substantive measures against climate change. He called on the politicians to continue working.

A 14-year-old junior high school girl who took a break from school and participated in the demonstration said, "It's too late when the earth collapses. I came here today because I should take action now."

Online participation from Japan

In Japan, more than 400 young people from all over the country gathered online to appeal for strengthening Japan's climate change measures, such as canceling the construction of a new coal-fired power plant.

Of these, Minori Hirose (17), a second-year high school student who gave a speech, said, "We are hearing more and more abnormal weather such as heat waves and wildfires, and we may lose important people in the future. I'm 17 years old, so I don't have the right to vote yet, but let's vote for candidates who value climate change measures for the next generation. "

In addition, Associate Professor Kohei Saito of Osaka City University, who participated as a guest, said, "Currently, we are being swayed by the new corona, but the corona is not the last crisis, and the crisis of climate change will continue chronically. We have very little time left, "he said, arguing that the current social system needs to change significantly to curb climate change.

Ariho Hara (16), a second-year high school student who is one of the organizers, told NHK that "Various people were able to gather because it was online. There will be COP26, which is a UN conference, and the House of Representatives election. , Young people will continue to raise their voices, so please pay attention to it. "