The two countries held a telephone summit meeting with France at the request of the British side on the issue that France is strongly opposed to the countries concerned over the abandonment of the submarine development plan that was being promoted with Australia. We have agreed to work closely together on common issues.

The United States has decided to provide Australia with nuclear submarine technology by establishing a new security framework for the United Kingdom, Australia and the Indo-Pacific region called "AUKUS", which is a submarine with Australia. France, whose development plan was abandoned, was strongly opposed.

At the request of the British side, Prime Minister Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron met on the phone on the 24th.

According to the announcement by the British Government, the two leaders will reaffirm the importance of Sino-French relations and work closely together on common issues within the framework of bilateral and NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization. I agreed.

They also agreed on the strategic importance of their long-standing cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region and Africa.

President Macron also talked with President Biden on the phone at the request of the United States, but he has not broken his strict stance, such as not responding to the request from Australia.