France withdrew ambassadors from the United States (US) and Australia last week.

The country is angry because Australia does not keep a contract.

Australia would buy French submarines, but suddenly opts for American ones.

What's up with that?

Australia closed a new deal last week.

With the US and the United Kingdom (UK), but without France.

It is a military cooperation.

The three countries will share techniques and information with each other.

They want to form a front against China in parts of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

China is increasingly taking over that area.

As part of the deal, Australia will buy submarines from America.

The Americans are very strong militarily.

Therefore, this collaboration is a logical choice for the Australians and the British.

They also speak English in all three countries.

As a result, the ties are closer than those with France.

But France feels cheated.

The country cooperates a lot with Australia.

And the UK and US are NATO allies.

"I read in the Australian press that negotiations have been going on in great secrecy for a year and a half."

So said the French ambassador who left Australia.

"We were deliberately not made aware of it."

France has areas in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, such as Réunion Island, New Caledonia, and French Polynesia.

Those places are important for France.

However, the country is now not allowed to participate in a front against China.

France feels militarily excluded.

But France has another reason to be angry.

The country had a plan to restore the economy.

But because of the failed deal, the country is now missing out on billions.

That's a big blow.

However, it is convenient for Macron that he will soon be able to point out Australia as the culprit if his plan for the economy fails.

The European Union was also surprised by the new deal of the three countries.

The EU will discuss it on Monday.

The foreign ministers then discuss what they think.

And whether it has consequences for the free trade negotiations with Australia.

Australia says they have clearly expressed their concerns about the deal.

According to the Australians, the submarines were delivered far too late and the costs were far too high.

The country says it warned France that the deal could be canceled as a result.

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