All employees of companies that want to work for the US federal government must be vaccinated against the corona virus by December 8.

That writes Reuters news agency after viewing government documents.

As a result, the vaccination obligation will apply to millions of additional Americans.

In early September, Biden announced mandatory vaccinations for everyone who works for the federal government and for healthcare workers.

It will take effect on November 22.

As of December, the obligation also applies to anyone who works for a company that supplies services or goods to the US federal government.

The new rate will be officially announced later on Friday (local time).

Biden wants a tougher approach to get the Delta variant of the virus under control.

American soldiers are also vaccinated against the corona virus.

The immunization requirement "reduces sick calls and lower wage costs, and improves the efficiency of people who work directly or indirectly for the federal government," the plans say.

Some local authorities are implementing their own measures.

In New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, for example, there is a vaccination obligation for teachers.

In Los Angeles, school-age children over the age of 12 must be vaccinated against the virus before the end of the year.