China News Service, September 24. According to foreign media reports, one of the most influential executives in the Russian gas industry, Mark Jetvoi, was arrested and prosecuted in the United States on tax charges for alleged involvement in offshore accounts. Tax misconduct related to tens of millions of dollars.

  According to the British Financial Times, the U.S. Department of Justice stated in a statement on the 23rd that Mark Jetvoi, the chief financial officer of the Russian gas group Novatek, was suspected of concealing the ownership and control of "a large number of overseas assets." Quan, in order to conspiracy to defraud the United States, the value of related assets once exceeded 93 million US dollars.

  The statement stated that Jetwoy was also accused of failing to declare millions of dollars in income and pay taxes for him.

  Jetworth's first court appearance is scheduled for the 23rd in Florida.

If all the charges are convicted, he could face decades of imprisonment.

  It is reported that Jetvoi joined Novatek in 2003 as the chief financial officer and member of the management committee, helping Russia's largest independent natural gas producer to transform into the country's leading LNG processor and exporter within 15 years.

Jetvoi is considered one of Russia's most popular executives, and various publications have listed him as the top CFO of the country and the European oil and gas industry.