A new kind of inhabitants have taken up residence in Rome (Italy) for a few weeks.

Herds of wild boar now roam the capital and its suburbs, attracted by the garbage cans on the public highway.

Images and videos posted on social networks show the animals, often accompanied by their young, roaming fearlessly in traffic or on sidewalks in search of a trash can to search, reports 


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Rome, via Trionfale (northern suburbs): wild boars in the city.


- François Beaudonnet (@beaudonnet) September 24, 2021

A political debate in the run-up to municipal elections

Their presence poses a real security problem.

"Once, I saw them when I was going to throw the trash, they ran after me because I was carrying a bag of garbage", testifies a resident of the Monte Mario district, interviewed by 



“I threw the bag away and left.


While the municipal elections in Rome are due to be held in early October, the subject has become one of the major issues of the campaign.

Virginia Raggi, the city's current mayor running for a new term, recently blamed the regional administration.

The politician from the 5-star movement blames regional elected officials, mostly from the center-left Democratic Party (PD), in charge of this kind of subject according to her, explains 



The regional administration denies.

In the meantime, residents are now taking down their trash cans with great caution.

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