It would not be surprising to see a line of customers in front of the boulangerie on Boulevard de Reuilly in the 12th arrondissement of Paris from this Saturday morning.

And for good reason, Makram Akrout won the 2021 prize for the best baguette in Paris.

A habit for this baker, son of a baker and who arrived in France 19 years ago, since he worked in the winning bakery in 2019, a few steps from the shop he opened only six months ago.

Olivia Polski announces her victory to the winner!

- Romarik Le Dourneuf (@rledourneuf) September 24, 2021

Makram Akrout's baguette was chosen as the winner among 122 baguettes presented to the jury, chaired by Olivia Polski, Anne Hidalgo's assistant for commerce and crafts at the mayor of Paris, and composed of experts, including Taieb Salah, 2020 winner, Franck Thomasse president of the Syndicat des boulangers du Grand Paris, Guillaume Gomez, former chef of the Elysée and now “personal representative” of Emmanuel Macron in the service of “French gastronomy” internationally.

An award ceremony scheduled for October 2

Like every year, Parisians were invited to participate in the jury by submitting their candidacy, and four of them were selected and were able to taste the 122 baguettes admitted to the competition.

"Smell of rose", "vinegar taste", "a little burnt", "too bitter" ...

Each baguette reveals its peculiarities to the very demanding jurors.

- Romarik Le Dourneuf (@rledourneuf) September 24, 2021

The Grand Prize for the best French baguette in the city of Paris will be awarded to Makram Akrout on Saturday, October 2, on the forecourt of Notre-Dame Cathedral by the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, on the occasion of the week of Bread.


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