Xinhuanet, Beijing, September 23 (Li Xuemei) President Xi Jinping attended the general debate of the 76th UN General Assembly in a video on the 21st and delivered an important speech. Adhere to innovation-driven, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and action-oriented global development initiatives.

Experts said that in the difficult period of the epidemic and the critical moment of human development, China proposes to provide advice and suggestions for the world to move towards a better tomorrow, and to guide the direction of global common development, which is of great significance to the promotion of global development.

On September 21, President Xi Jinping attended the General Debate of the 76th UN General Assembly in Beijing by video and delivered an important speech entitled "Strengthen Confidence, Overcome Difficulties, and Build a Better World".

Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Jingwen

  At present, the new crown epidemic is still raging around the world, severely impacting the results of global poverty reduction, economic growth in emerging market countries has slowed, global crises such as climate change and food security have intensified, the north-south "development gap" has continued to expand, and the recovery of the world economy is struggling. Implementation The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is facing severe challenges.

  Regarding how to overcome global development difficulties and achieve economic recovery, Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of the China Institute of International Studies, said that the six “persistence” systems explain why development is needed, where to develop, and who development is for and whom development depends on. The series of key issues have strong practical guiding significance.

The six "persistences" prioritize development.

Development is the eternal theme of human society and the key to solving all problems.

Wang Fan, deputy dean of the China Foreign Affairs University, said that the development tasks in the post-epidemic era have become more arduous, and the importance of development has become more prominent.

The development proposed by Xi Jinping is scientifically balanced, stable and sustainable development, and the core concept is to achieve common development.

This is not only China’s successful experience, but also echoes the strong desire of the people of all countries to pursue a better life.

Six "persistences" run through a main line.

The fundamental purpose of economic development is to improve people's living standards and quality, enhance people's sense of happiness, sense of gain, and sense of security, and realize people's all-round development.

Ruan Zongze believes that putting people at the center is a very realistic and forward-looking development orientation, which has contributed precious Chinese wisdom to global development.

The six "persistences" indicate important practices for development.

The continuous expansion of the North-South "development gap" cannot be ignored.

Ruan Zongze said that in the post-epidemic era, we should pay more attention to the development of developing countries and insist on inclusiveness and inclusiveness.

  Innovation is the first driving force leading development.

Ruan Zongze emphasized that it is particularly important to create an open, fair, just, and non-discriminatory environment for technological development.

Some technologically advanced developed countries regard the technological progress of other countries as a threat, and adopting measures such as sanctions, containment, suppression, and decoupling go against the historical trend.

  At the meeting, Xi Jinping announced that China will vigorously support the development of green and low-carbon energy in developing countries and will no longer build new overseas coal power projects.

This is another important initiative taken by China to respond to global climate change after announcing last year that China will strive to achieve carbon peaks by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

Wang Fan said that as a responsible major country, China does not sacrifice the environment at the expense of green development and low-carbon development, and has set an example in dealing with global climate and environmental issues.

The six "persistences" emphasize deeds speak louder than words.

"Focus on advancing cooperation in areas such as poverty reduction, food security, anti-epidemic and vaccines, development financing, climate change and green development, industrialization, digital economy, and interconnection." At the meeting, Xi Jinping pointed out the key directions for adhering to action orientation and announced China An additional US$3 billion in international aid will be provided in the next three years.

  "China's attention to the development of developing countries will be implemented, and it will have a huge demonstration and leading role in international poverty alleviation and solidarity in the fight against the epidemic." Wang Fan emphasized that China does not just shout slogans like some countries, but earnestly pay attention to the plight of mankind. To solve the problems, come up with feasible measures on global issues, and unite knowledge and action.

  The crossroads of history call for the responsibility of the world in mind.

The global development initiative put forward by Xi Jinping conforms to the theme of the times of peace and development, contains China’s valuable experience in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, echoes the strong desire of the people of all countries to pursue a better life, and puts the development agenda in a more important position in international cooperation. It provides action guides for all countries to focus on development, unite development, and common development, and inject ideological power.