The 39-year-old man from Darmstadt, who killed two men on Mörfelder Landstrasse in Frankfurt in February when he ran over a red traffic light at excessive speed, will soon have to answer in court.

The public prosecutor's office assumes that the man who is currently in psychiatry is incapable of guilt: when the accident occurred, in which a thirty-one-year-old and a forty-nine-year-old were killed, he is said to have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

Alexander Juergs

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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If the court comes to the conclusion at the end of the trial, for which there is still no date, that further significant acts can be expected from him due to the illness and he is therefore dangerous for the general public, it will order placement in a psychiatric hospital.

"Voices heard"

Further details have now been announced about the accident, which caused great concern in the city: According to the accused, he had heard a woman's voice urging him to drive from Darmstadt to Frankfurt as soon as possible to get from there To leave Norway. According to the prosecutor, the man believed he was Jesus, and he thought the voice in his head was Mary Magdalene. He drove through Sachsenhausen at 100 km / h and ignored several red lights. At the intersection of Mörfelder and Oppenheimer Landstrasse, he caught the men, he only just passed a woman with a stroller. After ramming four vehicles, his car collided head-on with a small car. He then tried to escape from the scene of the accident on foot.

Within a week it is the second criminal case for a fatal traffic accident in Frankfurt.

Last Friday, the public prosecutor's office published a murder charge against a 39-year-old who killed two men and seriously injured a woman in Frankfurt's Ostend in November of last year.