The Metz Criminal Court (Moselle) on Monday sentenced a man in his thirties to six months in prison for "sexual assault".

The individual already subject to an obligation to leave France was served with an inadmissibility.

He will also have to pay 1,500 euros to his victim for damages.

The thirty-something had spotted the latter on August 26 in a bus from Metz, tells

Le Républicain Lorrain


He had arrested her and, after being turned away, followed her to her home.

In the hall of the building, he had rubbed up against her and touched her buttocks.

The individual had fled on the arrival of the woman's husband, alerted by the latter's cries.

The prosecution had requested a nine-month imprisonment and a five-year ban from French territory.

Anxiety and work stoppage

The victim asked for 4,000 euros in damages, explaining having received a 15-day work stoppage and still being anxious since the assault.

The respondent denied some of the accusations and claimed not to have understood the illegality of his behavior.

CCTV footage showed him following the passenger from getting off the bus to her apartment building.

"It's a hunt," said the victim's lawyer.


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