China News Agency, Moscow, September 24 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) Pamfilova, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Russia, announced the results of the 8th State Duma (lower house of parliament) elections at a press conference in Moscow on the 24th to unify Russia The party won 324 seats, continuing the "constitutional majority" status in the previous State Duma.

  According to the data of the Central Election Commission of Russia, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation won 57 seats, ranking second; Just Russia—Patriots—for the Truth Party won 27 seats, ranking third; the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia won 21 seats, and the New People’s Party won 13 The two parties ranked fourth and fifth respectively.

  Statistics show that one representative from each of the three parties including the Motherland Party, the Civic Platform Party, and the Growth Party entered the State Duma through single-seat constituency elections.

In addition, five self-recommended candidates entered the new State Duma.

  Pamfilova said on the same day that the results of the election were valid.

  According to TASS news, the new State Duma is expected to hold its first meeting in early October.

  The election of the Russian State Duma will be held from September 17th to 19th.

There are 108 million registered voters throughout Russia, and another 2 million overseas voters.

Pamfilova said that more than 56 million voters voted in the State Duma election, with a final turnout rate of 51.72%.

  The State Duma is Russia's permanent legislative body, composed of 450 representatives. It is mainly responsible for drafting and enacting national laws, deliberating the president's appointment to the prime minister of the government and deciding the trust in the president.

The election is a mixed election system, that is, half of the 450 seats are elected according to the proportional representation system of the party; the other half of the seats are elected in single-seat constituencies, that is, there are 225 constituencies across the country, and each constituency is elected Generate a representative of the State Duma.

The voting threshold for political parties to enter the State Duma is 5%.