The national police will have the exclusive right to use the AMBER Alert brand name in the Netherlands for an indefinite period of time.

This is what outgoing minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice and Security) wrote in a letter to the House of Representatives on Friday.

The domain names, social media accounts and logos of AMBER Alert are transferred by Netpresenter BV/Stichting Amber Alert Europe to the police, who are responsible for sending calls to look out for missing children.

It is not known whether a sum of money has been paid.

Calls will be sent through the police's Burgernet system from November 23.

The police reported last spring that they wanted to stop AMBER Alert in the summer in favor of Burgernet.

That was postponed by Grapperhaus after a motion by the House of Representatives, which asked for a "warm handover" of the system in the meantime.

In doing so, the advantages of the current emergency service had to be maintained as much as possible, including reach, brand awareness, cooperation with partner organizations and attention to the international component.

The takeover will give the police "more control over the alerting and quality of the reporting of missing children".

On average, an AMBER Alert is used twice a year.