The Oulu police have announced that they have found out about the family death in Oulu in January.

The police have closed a preliminary investigation into the matter.

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, police had received a report of a missing woman in Muhos and her two children.

The woman had left home by car along with her high school and under-school children the day before, and their whereabouts were unknown, police say in a statement.

Monday 25.1.

A woman and two children were found dead in the bed of the property in the center of Oulu.

The investigation revealed that the mother and children were reported missing.

A farewell letter, a different number of opened medicine packs and syringes were found in the accommodation room.

The police say in the press release that already at the beginning of the preliminary investigation it became clear that there is reason to suspect a homicide.

- On the basis of what was found during the preliminary investigation, the police have confirmed the notion that the mother of the family killed her child earlier in the day with drugs she had seized from her workplace and then herself.

The act is suspected to have already taken place on a Saturday night or night.

There were no other signs of violence in the victims.

The woman had worked in a health care unit in Oulu and had had access to a space where medicines were stored, police inform.

According to IS data, the woman has the professional rights of a nurse, nurse and nurse, and these have not been restricted in any way over the years.

- The main motive for the act has turned out to be the family's personal financial situation, from which she had not seen a way out, the Oulu police say.

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