Alexandre Chauveau 4:35 p.m., September 24, 2021, modified at 4:48 p.m., September 24, 2021

Eric Zemmour arrived in Hungary to meet Prime Minister Viktor Orban and participate in a colloquium on demography.

By meeting the strong man of Budapest, who is also hated by the French government, the hypothesis of the candidacy of the polemicist takes a little more depth.

That was two and a half years ago, a century in politics.

At the time, in March 2019, Eric Zemmour went to Budapest to meet Viktor Orban in the skin of a "simple" polemicist, without presidential aim.

But as he arrived in the Hungarian capital in order to reunite with the Hungarian prime minister, the context is completely different.

This trip takes on the appearance of diplomatic meetings.

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The two men exchanged one-on-one in the palace of the Hungarian Prime Minister, while Eric Zemmour this week greeted "a leader who defends the identity of his country, its sovereignty and its borders".

Values ​​that he wishes to impose in the public debate in France, just like the subject of demography, a crucial question for Éric Zemmour, who likes to quote Auguste Comte.

"Demography is fate", declared the philosopher of positivism.

Marion Maréchal also present

In Budapest, the theme of the summit is clear: to encourage the European birth rate as opposed to the solution of immigration.

Éric Zemmour is due to speak on Friday afternoon in the midst of European heads of state and prime ministers.

In the assembly, there will also be Marion Maréchal, with whom the essayist shares common ideas.

If Éric Zemmour continues the suspense on his ambition for 2022, this trip to Hungary looks like one more step on the road to the Élysée.