China News Agency, Paris, September 24 (Reporter Li Yang) French President Macron and British Prime Minister Johnson talked on the phone on the 24th local time to discuss French-British relations. Johnson hoped to restore French-British cooperation.

  French officials revealed that the phone call between the French and British leaders that day was conducted at Johnson's request.

During the call, Johnson expressed the hope that the two countries can carry out "cooperation in line with common values ​​and common interests", such as tackling climate change and combating terrorism.

Macron said he would wait for Johnson's relevant proposals.

  French officials did not disclose more of the call between the French and British leaders.

British officials revealed that Johnson and Macron also discussed issues such as Britain’s “Brexit” and refugee management, saying that Britain and France will continue to discuss relevant issues in the future.

  Macron's phone call with Johnson was conducted two days after Macron's phone call with US President Biden.

After talking to Biden, Macron decided that the French ambassador to the United States would return to Washington next week.

  France recalled its ambassador to the United States and Australia last week.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian previously stated that Australia canceled its submarine contract with France and instead cooperated with the United States and Britain, causing a "serious crisis."

French public opinion generally believes that the United Kingdom promoted the submarine cooperation between the United States and Australia.

  Australia decided in 2016 that the French military ship manufacturer "Navy Group" would build its submarine fleet to replace its long-serving submarines. However, as Australia reached a nuclear submarine cooperation agreement with the United States and Britain, Australia no longer needs French-built conventional submarines. , Australia cancelled its submarine contract with France.

  The analysis by Agence France-Presse pointed out that disputes caused by submarine contracts have caused the French-British relationship to fall into the worst period since Britain held a referendum on “Brexit” in 2016.

However, France has not recalled its ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Le Drian said that there is no need to recall the ambassador to the UK. We know that the British have "consistent opportunism."