She must have had a hard time getting in there.

An Indian court has ordered a hairdressing salon to pay more than 231,000 euros in damages to a model for a botched haircut which she said caused a "serious nervous breakdown".

Aashna Roy visited the hair salon at an upscale hotel in New Delhi in 2018 and asked staff for a classic ten-centimeter cut from the tips, according to a judgment by the city's consumer court.

"However, to the shock and surprise of the complainant (Aashna Roy), the hairdresser cut all of the hair, leaving only 10 cm and barely touching her shoulders," said the judgment.

"A severe nervous breakdown and trauma"

The court determined that since Ms Roy had made a career as a model posing for advertisements for hair products, the sloppy haircut resulted in "severe nervous breakdown and trauma."

"There is no doubt that women are very careful and careful when it comes to their hair," the ruling adds.

“They spend a lot of money to keep them in good condition.

They are also emotionally attached to their hair, ”said the judgment.

"Broken his dream"

“She lost contracts and suffered a huge loss which completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream of becoming a top model,” he added.

The court ordered the salon, which can still appeal, to pay 20 million rupees within eight weeks of the order, or more than 230,000 euros.


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