In 2004, the government decided to close down Norrland's dragon regiment, K4, in Arvidsjaur.

Instead, the hunter battalion, which in the new organization belonged to Norrbotten's regiment in Boden, was placed in the municipality.

However, due to a changed world situation, the Riksdag decided in December 2020 that six new regiments would be established.

Among other things, a re-establishment of K4 in Arvidsjaur.

When K4 is re-established, it means, among other things, up to a hundred new jobs in the inland municipality.

On Friday, a ceremony will be held where King Carl XVI Gustaf explains Norrland's dragon regiment, K 4 re-established.

See what the ceremony looked like in the video above.

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The reopening of K4 in Arvidsjaur is a day of joy for local councilor Lennart Forsgren (S).

Photo: Viktor Lundmark / SVT archive