It took eight years and a long legal process for a father to be tried for causing the death of his infant, victim of shaken baby syndrome.

The facts date back to the summer of 2013 in Auray, in Morbihan, as reported by



On July 20, the mother went away and gave the child, only five weeks old, to her father.

On his return, the baby presented with a sore lip and swelling in the eye.

Four days later, the 32-year-old father was still in charge of his daughter.

After taking his bottle, the baby had seizures.

The couple had taken him to the emergency room of the Vannes hospital center.

Five years in prison, three of which were suspended

Transferred in the evening to the Rennes University Hospital, the infant had died on August 14.

The forensic pathologist had then observed "a hemorrhage in the cranial box, cerebral edema and cerebral contusion", specifies

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The couple had indicted and placed under judicial supervision a few days later, before the mother was dismissed during the investigation.

The father, who appeared free, was sentenced by the Morbihan Assize Court to five years in prison, three of which were suspended.


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