On Wednesday, almost all corona restrictions in Sweden will disappear, including the current audience ceiling for concerts and sporting events. 

But that does not mean that everything is as it used to be - at least not for those who have not been vaccinated.

- It is about keeping your distance and avoiding contact with people in the risk group, says Bengt Wittesjö.

Do you think the advice will be followed?

- Unfortunately, I'm a little pessimistic.

I believe that many will live like the vaccinated, and then you expose both yourself and others to a risk.

Almost 18 percent were unvaccinated

In Blekinge, 82.6 percent of residents over the age of 18 are fully vaccinated.

- Those who have not been vaccinated are mainly younger people aged 18-39, but also foreign-born.

It is in these groups that we risk having cluster outbreaks, says Bengt Wittesjö.