The facts date back to April 2016. An Armenian activist attacked the Turkish consulate in Marseille, throwing molotov cocktails in its courtyard. This Friday, the Marseille Criminal Court sentenced him to three years in prison, including six months closed. "The court wishes to raise the seriousness of the facts, even if they are old", insisted the president of the correctional court of Marseilles, Karine Sabourin, with the statement of the judgment: "To handle explosive devices in a France in peace, targeting consulates which must be respected is very serious. We live in a society where everyone has the right to debate but not to fight; "

The court accepted that the part of firm imprisonment be served at home, under an electronic bracelet.

The defendant, identified by DNA found on the neck of one of the bottles, was detained for fifty-six days after his arrest.

The anti-terrorism section of the Paris prosecutor's office and the anti-terrorism sub-directorate (Sdat) of the judicial police quickly relinquished this file, once the absence of a link between the defendant and any activist group had been established.

His unidentified accomplice

The consulate's video surveillance cameras had captured the image of two men dressed in dark, one wearing a cap, the other a hood, fleeing at high speed behind the wheel of a vehicle.

This accomplice, whom the accused referred to under the pseudonym of “Axper”, or “brother” in Armenian, has never been identified.

Launched after 11 p.m., the incendiary devices had not caused any great damage, having partly charred the foot of a mast and entirely burned a Turkish flag.


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