The Loiret gendarmerie on Thursday drew the attention of the population of the department to an online fraud imagined by cybercriminals posing as the police.

The victims receive an e-mail appearing to come from General Christian Rodriguez, director general of the national gendarmerie, the soldiers said on Facebook.

The email contains an attachment that the user is encouraged to open.

Don't click, don't answer

The message, which is in fact a fake, asserts to the recipient that "a file laying charges against [his] person has been issued".

The interested party is invited to "read the attachment" and "respond as soon as possible".

By opening the file, Internet users risk unintentionally communicating personal data concerning them to hackers, explains

La République du Center


This is why the Loiret gendarmes recommend that the people concerned do not click on the attachment and not respond to the email, already received by several inhabitants of the department.

"Neither the gendarmerie nor the police will ask you to complete a document remotely," the soldiers also recalled.


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