Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) says that she has discussed with Minister of Finance Annika Saarikko the reduction of income tax.

Saarikko said at the Central Chamber of Commerce's Great Tax Day on Tuesday that he intends to propose a reduction in income tax in the 2022 budget negotiations.

- We have just sat in a budget debate.

No such proposal was received from the Minister of Finance in that budget dispute.

Of course, the Minister of Finance will make his own proposal for next year's debate, and on that basis we will discuss.

I am open.

I have discussed this topic with Minister Saarikko before.

Saarikko underlined that the government is the last decision-making window in the budget debate in 2022 and the matter should be on the table for him then.

Marin points out that what is important for the SDP is the tightest possible tax base and low tax rates.

- Of course, we want to ensure that our economy continues to grow in the future.

And if that is possible, taxation can also be reduced.

What is important for the Social Democrats is that we have as tight a tax base as possible, that is, closing all tax gaps so that tax rates are kept as low as possible.

Our goal is not the highest possible taxation, but a functioning and fair tax system.

From the left side of the government, Li Andersson, chairman of the Left Alliance, and Jussi Saramo, chairman of the parliamentary group, immediately showed Saariko a thumbs down.